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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Is anyone else having the difficulties I am with grading. Tonight was open house and as of yet I have virtually no grades for my physics kids. While I have done quite a few labs and discussions to this point, I really don't have anything to grade them on. Maybe participation in the talks? I am giving the first graphing deployment activity tomorrow, but even that I question taking for a grade. What have you guys taken for grades yet? How are you going to handle discussions with respect to grading?


  1. I feel your pain. I don't really have much by way of grades yet either. When you figure out how to do this, make sure you blog about it.

  2. Same issue here with grading and time. Ron and I just finished with the 7 labs. It took us 10 days from start to finish. (7 of those days were 46 minutes and 3 were 39 minutes.) Now I have 7 lab grades for everyone. Before that, Ron and I used the data sets that we had for the linearizing activity. We didn't have them linearize, but had them find the appropriate equation, R2 and draw the graph. We also gave them a set of lab data and did a deployment worksheet around that as an assignment. We didn't do whiteboards on either of these, as we were in the midst of the lab whiteboard presentations. I can send the worksheets if anyone wants them. Whiteboard discussions have met with some the same issues you've mentioned. We had a variety of models for the same from linear to power to exponenial. Tough to work through as the kids want to know which one is right. I know I arm-waved some of it. Doing all the labs has taken a lot of time. We'll probably cut back next year. Each of my 8 groups only presented 2. Some of the students got the hang of comparing the one being presented with theirs and asking questions, but not all stayed engaged. We're starting constant velocity on Monday.