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Friday, September 17, 2010

Back for more drawing boards.

Well the time crunch finally did me in. The time to write whiteboards and present them takes too long to do in one hour. I have 10 groups per hour... oh wait I mean for each hour I have 10 groups. I originally thought I would only have 8. The reality of only 25 boards has come in to play a couple times already. So after my first 2 hours when I realized I was going to be short 5 boards I decided to make a run for the depot. And of course once there I thought... Well heck what if I'm doing something in all of my physics classes and want to whiteboard in Biology? So I now have 50 whiteboards and a need of a way to tell my wife I spent more money on my classroom.

In other news my buggy cars came in the mail today as well as some of those cool new push/pull force-o-meters. Which is convenient since I am considering starting motion next week. I also went back to my Junior high and commandeered the ticker timers I had purchased years ago that no one but me ever used. Although I am still contemplating having some groups use the metronome and marker method just because it was so fun watching Kal try and do that! That should be fun.

Finally I decided I am going to try and work some of those reasoning tests into my class just to measure where the kids are. I did the Islands Puzzle with them today. I can't wait to read the responses this weekend.

Are any of you planning on giving the mechanics baseline test?

O.k. I know that last question was out of left field but there it is I typed it. There is no way I can go back now. Well I mean I guess I could cursor up and hit backspace a few times, but seriously who has the time?


  1. You can never have too many boards!

    I don't give the MBT to my college-prep kids. I'd rather give the FCI and the Lawson test.

    Also, great idea about doing the puzzles. Now I'm going to have a bunch on hand for when class finishes early! Let us know how your island puzzle goes. I wonder if their will be any correlation between the puzzle responses and FCI gains?

  2. I plan on giving out puzzles every few weeks through the semester. I am interested if I can track improvement in reasoning ability as the units progress.

  3. 10 groups! WOW! How many kids do you have in your class? My group size is 4 students which gives me 9 groups for one of my honors physics and 8 for the other. Managing the physical space for labs and the white boards is a real challenge.

  4. I made groups of three with a couple groups of 4. I have 32 kids per class. Luckily my room is one of the bigger ones in the science department so I can manage the space. I am still struggling with how to display the boards because my room is very long but not very wide so we make more of a long rectangle than a circle. It is sort of hard to see everyone's board so I have gone to more of a Pata-esque presentation method.