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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The story so far...

So I have not blogged in a very long time. At least not on this blog. I feel I was a better teacher when I did, but life has been very crazy as of late (and by this I mean the last like 4 years.) But I'd like to get back into it. Reflection is crucial to improving yourself.  Plus I have some ideas that have been percolating that I'd like to share. But that is for later this summer. After many summers of leading other teachers to the wonders of modeling instruction I finally get to go back as a participant this year with the E&M workshop. I could not be more excited for it. We are only 3 days in and already so many good things have come from it. I am currently working on the first unit summary and will be posting it soon after we are finished with the unit. I have a feeling we will be finishing it tomorrow or Monday at the latest. I have used many of the modeling materials for this unit before, but nowhere near as coherently. Very good stuff.