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Monday, September 20, 2010

A brief respite.

Today began homecoming week. We started the day with a two hour pep/competition assembly. As a result two of my three physics classes did not get to see me today. So I decided to get some student feedback on the whiteboarding/modeling we've done so far. They had mostly positive things to say. This hour is one that is closer to "getting it" in that they have actually begun to ask some questions and participate more than my other hours. I told them that as we went on my goal for them is to get to a point where if I happened to be absent unexpectedly and a sub was there, they would still be able to conduct class without me. That got a couple of chuckles until I told them I was serious. After a short pause one kid said, "I think I can see how that could happen." What a glorious day.

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